The following are just a few reasons why we believe you should join our club:

  1.    A monthly newsletter which contains results from previous meets, information and entry forms for upcoming meets, training tips and information on nutrition.

  2.    Club relay teams have participated and won at national meets.   All members are eligible to compete on the age group relay teams.

  3.    Members receive a discount at Second Sole sporting goods store.

  4.   There are no standards or qualifying levels required to compete.   We welcome new runners as well as elite athletes.

  5.   Several members are either coaches or have trained athletes in the various areas of track and field.  They are eager to share information and training techniques with                  those who want to try a new event or improve on an existing event.

  6.   The club puts on annual events that allow members to get together, have some fun, socialize and make new contacts.  We believe one of the most important aspects of              being a member is building friendships with other members.

2024 Cleveland Track Classic

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